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Benefits of using Dressage Mirrors...

Our clients tell us that they benefited from having mirrors straight away, and donít know how they managed without them. Strategically placed mirrors in your arena are a valuable asset, helping you monitor your horses movements, even when your instructor isnít there. As you look into the mirror you will see immediately bad posture and if you are riding straight. As you get into the habit of looking at the mirror rather than your horse your balance and posture will improve.

These mirrors mean youíll be able to see what the judge sees, so you can correct what you need to when you need to. Your horse can feel the correction at the right time because youíre able to see it in real time this important visual feedback enables your training to move forward at a quicker pace.

The use of mirrors will help you practise good habits such as proper angles in your half-passes and shoulder-ins, and proper seat and leg positions. You can watch your horses hindquarter engagement and the amount of bend required for precise lateral movements. The more time you spend riding correctly the easier it is to repeat in the competition arena. You can improve your accuracy and get better results (making the difference between satisfactory and good the potential of 2 extra points for accuracy) while saving money on training fees. This really is the way to help you and your horse realise your full potential.

  • To make sure the rider is sitting correctly in the saddle

  • To check the aids given are correct

  • To make sure the horse works into a correct outline

  • To check if movements are ridden correctly

  • To check if the horse is straight when riding different movements

  • To check the accuracy of lateral work

  • To check if the horse is working properly though its back

  • To check if the hind legs are properly engaged

  • To check if the rein contact is even.

Often what you feel is right really isnít and remember your horse cannot ride straight if youíre not straight you need mirrors to be able to monitor this and correct this immediately.


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