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"With the Olympics on the horizon, I am perfecting my dressage with Mirrors for Training’s Arena Mirrors, I have found them to be an absolute asset. The visual feedback I get from the mirrors enable me to enhance my performance, it’s amazing the difference they make, I can see straight away what areas I need to focus my training lessons on. This is simply invaluable product, and one I simply could not be without."
Mary King - TEAM GBR

"I love my new mirrors for training mirrors! They are the best training aid next to having your trainer everyday! The visual feedback you get really helps in my training. Definitely a tool I couldn't be without in the biggest year of my life so far, campaigning for London2012!"
Sophie Wells

“Our new arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training have added another dimension to our training. They give me an immediate view of both mine and the horse’s posture, which allows me to work on specific areas, making sure all our training time is used as effectively as it can be.”
Ellen Whitaker - International Show Jumper

"I'm thrilled with my mirrors form Mirrors for Training. Through making me more aware of my own position, horses' outlines and the accuracy of movements Mirrors for Training have definitely helped me raise my game. Having experienced their benefits I wouldn't want to live without such a key training aide."
Harry Meade - International Event Rider

"I am extremely delighted with my mirrors from Mirrors for Training. I have found them to be the most useful training aid to the production of my horses, seeing and feeling at the same time is the most valuable asset to my training ensuring i am sitting correctly and the horses are in the correct way of going. Also, the team at Mirrors for Training were professional and very friendly to deal with. This is a product I simply will not be with out."
Marcus Reid - Professional Event Rider


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